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My review: Cache a Predator

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Cache a Predator, a Geocaching Mystery - Michelle Weidenbenner

My Review: Boy since I started doing book reviews, I've read one good book after another. Cache a Predator is no different. Just as it sounds, it has the adventurous hobby of geocaching mixed in with a thriller type story line. This book actually has two story lines in it. One of child neglect, which is a reality in our society today. The other is of a mystery who seems to have an unusual way of revenge mixed in with geocaching. This story does remind me of the Lorena Bobbit story long ago. If you remember that whole story line, you'll get the other story line of the book, but with a twist. I couldn't stop reading, but I will think about going geocaching. Oh, and it has a little bit of a love story in this too. It is very dark, and deals with alot of real topics. Not for the faint of heart. Will Brett find happiness, and get Quinn? Will Sarah finally let a man into her life? Will Ali get the help she needs? Find out! Loved it, and I can't wait for a follow up. Until Next time. Carole